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Franchise Location: CA, Orange County

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About Us


My name is Denny Spruce and I want to welcome you to the House of Speed- Orange County. We provide Speed and Sports Performance Training for all running sports. Our mission and passion is to:

Help Athletes Succeed In Sports and In Life

The House of Speed programs are designed to help athletes enhance Speed, Agility, and Explosiveness through a focus on running form, explosive movements, footwork, flexibility, balance, eye/hand/body coordination, and strength development.

We use proven, sports science-based methods and techniques and specialized equipment to help athletes get to that next level of performance and confidence and to help prevent injury.

We also believe that Character development is just as important as physical development and we use Christian principles to help athletes understand and develop those critical character traits that will help them be successful in sports and in life.

We provide both General and Sport-specific Performance Training through our Weekly Group Speed Sessions, Private Sessions, Team Training Sessions, and Speed Camps.

Please check out the other sections of our website to find more information about our training sessions, our speed camps, our professional training staff, and our partners…or feel free to call me anytime at 949.500.0015.

Also, check out what people have to say about our program including:

Jeremy Sieverts- Major League Lacrosse Champion, All-MLL Team, MLL All-Star, MLL Most Improved Player Award Winner, 2 Time Academic All-ACC Team at Maryland

“The House of Speed has been vital to my success in lacrosse. After training with HOS for about a year, I feel faster and more explosive than ever before. Each workout continues to challenge me physically and mentally. I am completely confident on the field as a result of the preparation and time I have put in with the HOS.”

Holly Reilly- US National Women’s Lacrosse Team Member, 2 Time FIL World Cup Champion, 2 Time All American at Princeton, Ivy League Player of the Year, High School All American, 4 Time Ivy League Field Hockey Champion

“Training with Denny Spruce at House of Speed enabled me to increase speed and agility, to develop and execute an injury prevention program, and to get in the best shape of my life. After working with Denny for seven months leading up to the 2013 FIL Women’s Lacrosse World Cup, I was able to compete in seven games in ten days and deal minimally with muscle soreness and fatigue. I felt tight, strong, and confident in my body’s preparedness. In addition to training, Denny offered an additional level of motivation and fun. I enjoyed our workouts because he valued getting to know me as an athlete and individual, and I highly recommend individual and/or group training for the athlete ready to compete at the next level”

Gregg Olson- 13 year veteran of Major League Baseball, AL Rookie-of-the-Year, AL All-Star, Baltimore Orioles Hall of Fame, Auburn University Hall of Fame

“My experiences in athletics have shown me two methods of training that are crucial to success. The first is specificity of sport, i.e. training for your position. The second is overall athletic training. The House of Speed is an excellent program and regimen for athletic training. They provide a broad range of training experiences that prepares athletes for a variety of sports. The trainers at the House of Speed- Orange County are knowledgeable and they are just good people. The foundation of the program is based on Christian beliefs and how it pertains to athletics. I will have my children back in Denny Spruce’s program again and if I was still playing, I would be in it also.”

Terry Donahue- Former UCLA Head Football Coach, Former San Francisco 49ers General Manager, College Football Hall of Fame, Football Analyst

“Speed is the one skill that provides a significant advantage in every running sport, both in performance and in enjoyment. If you want to improve your speed then you can’t find a better program than the House of Speed. Not only does the House of Speed prepare you for your sport, they also help prepare you for life.”

Charlie Simmer- 14 year veteran of the National Hockey League, 3 time NHL All-Star, NHL Record-holder, Winner of NHL’s Bill Masterson Trophy, Member of the LA Kings’ famous “Triple Crown Line”, NHL Commentator

“The House of Speed drills that my daughter has been doing have really benefitted her running ability. She has developed more strength and speed and this has made her a better and stronger soccer player. Denny is a good friend of over 15 years. I know he runs a professional program and he will work hard to help any athlete get better.”

Mike Bargas- Head Football Coach, Estancia High School, Costa Mesa, CA

“As a high school football coach, I get approached by many people that want to help me or help our school. Experience has shown that few of these opportunities are a good fit for our athletes or our program, so we carefully evaluated the House of Speed program. What we found was a well-run organization with a professional training staff that treated our students as athletes. Although I appreciated the scope and intensity of the work-outs, I was most impressed that the players loved it and wanted more.”

Joel Simonds- Athletic Director, Bethel Baptist High School, Santa Ana, CA

“Thanks for your work with my kids in the fall before our basketball season. I feel like it paid off for them, as they began to show better levels of explosiveness. Their increased athleticism translated to the court. I would definitely recommend the training from House of Speed to any coach.”

Training Programs for Every Sport and Skill

House of Speed provides the best available sport-specific performance training. House of Speed is continuously developing and refining the most current training techniques, enabling athletes to increase their overall speed, strength, explosiveness, agility and sport-specific ability.